Coated Guitar Strings

Reviews and information on all coated guitar strings

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Why Coated Guitar Strings?

Whether you are a professional guitar player or a complete beginner, you are most likely aware about different string qualities. Some cheap strings sound great for a couple of sessions and then lose their tone completely.  But thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology in the last few years there are now strings that last a lot longer than even the best non-coated varieties.

The best guitar strings are coated with teflon and/or other materials to produce a great tone that lasts up to five times as long as the competition. As with everyting, there are pros and cons with coated guitar strings - most notably they are more expensive, or at least they used to be. On the other hand you get a much longer life span for a small premium, so in the end switching to coated strings is actually a great deal.

You will also spend more time playing and less time changing strings. Once you've started playing with coated strings, it's going to be hard to switch back.

Coated Guitar String Brands

There's nothing quite like writing a great song and putting in just the right instrumental guitar music to make that prefect song even better. Using the best strings that will make your guitar sound rich and make every string ring with every touch is easier than ever with the variety of coated guitar string brands that are available. Coated strings make your guitar strings not only sound their best, they are also stronger and last longer. There are several great  quality brands to choose from now and most of them use similar processes to give the strings a longer life.

Ernie Ball is a well known company that has been in the music business for generations. They offer a full range of titanium coated slinky guitar strings that are durable and stay clean longer.

Elixir is probably the most recognized name in coated strings. Their patented Nanoweb coating is a unique process that protects the wound strings with an ultra-thin layer. It retains tone clarity up to five times longer than standard strings.

Cleartone is another reputable manufacturer of quality coated strings. Cleartone boasts their new patented EMP, Enhanced Molecular Protection. With a special coating just 500 nanometers thick, Cleartone strings give an unbelievable clarity and their strings will last 3 to 5 times longer than your regular set of guitar strings.

GHS is another fine company offering black coated guitar strings. GHS begins with the finest of materials and then uses a unique coating process called MST or, Metal Surface Treatment, to manufacture their strings. This unique technology coats the outer wires in the initial process and these wires are then wrapped around a high-quality inner core wire allowing a true and rich tone.

Sevilla is another company that offers great strings. Sevilla’s coated guitar strings for classical guitar are manufactured with the patented, proprietary technology called Enhanced Molecular Protection or Cleartone EMP Coating. With its single-micron coating, Sevilla treats its strings with the "thinnest coating in the industry" allowing them to last a long time with a bright and vibrant sound.

Fender also offers a full line of strings along with their famous instruments. Fender's Dura-Tone acoustic guitar strings are made with a specially applied micro application that resists grime and corrosion for longer life of your strings.

D'addario offers a great lineup that has their EXP coated technology, making long lasting strings that sound identical to the renowned D'addario XL series. D'addario was proud to join the ranks of popular music companies to introduce their version of coated guitar strings to musicians everywhere.


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